This website is prepared especially for foreign country citizens with the purpose of getting a better understanding of the legal and commercial disputes somehow related with Turkey and including foreignness factor. You want to learn about the legal situation you’re in or you are about to entering a legal process. Please carefully read the following information. Legal concepts and terms which are already difficult to understand will be far more complex in future, as they include foreignness factors.

Whether your subject of controversy is

to the law on companies like a company takeover and merger, establishing or winding up a company, releasing or dismissal from a company, dissolution of a company, cancellation of the decision of general assembly of a company, raising the company's capital, assigning a controller to a company, case of liability to a management board,


to the law on family like transferring to abnormal property regime, imposing a cautionary judgment to the properties of unity of family, sharing and dissolution of the properties of unity of marriage, imposing a cautionary judgment to the family properties, alimony, material and moral indemnities, custody, specific measures pursuant to the law on family, nullity, divorce, refusal of descent, paternity suit,


Multi Level Marketing, Franchising, e-commerce, B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer) problems you face due to the commercial activity,


material and moral indemnity and criminal suit you face with due to a traffic accident you had,


Cases regarding assets inherited from Turkey


that a conveyance of title of a real estate you purchased had not been transferred or that the real estate hasn't got features which was guaranteed to you or that the cases you will sue for consumer and building law to the building company due to the investments of real estate and building,

whether you look for an attorney or advocates in Antalya, in Istanbul or in Izmir, your problem has to be strained first in terms of international law, if your controversy includes foreignness factor for Turkey.

The most important and basic problems like:

  • Do I have to sue in Turkey or in a different country?
  • Do I have the right to sue in Turkey or not?
  • Is the Turkish law or law of a different country to be implemented for controversy?
  • Is it possible that the suits tried in state court in Turkey can be implement in a foreign state law? If so, how does it accure?
  • Do I have an obligation to deposit if I have the right to sue in Turkey?
  • What kind of problems be brought in case there is not any registered address of myself or the opposite party and that the notifications will be made to abroad? Is registered address in Turkey an advantage or a disadvantage?
  • In a case to which the foreign country law has implemented but sued in Turkey, according to which country's law an injunction is decided?
  • How can I entrust a valid procuration or procuration of attorney abroad without even going to Turkey?
  • In which cases and hearings do I have to attend?
  • Are the decisions I got from the foreign country's courts valid in Turkey?
  • How can I implement the fulfillment of the decisions I got from foreign country's courts?
  • In which way are the evidences found in Turkey gathered by the foreign country's courts and vice versa?
  • Can I sue both in Turkey and the foreign country at the same time?

consist the subject of the international private law.


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Wholesales of The Corporate Assets

In Turkish Trade Law, there are some regulations in the articles 418 and 421 pertaining to the quorums for decisions or meetings in the General Assembly. It is the deep-seated practice of the Supreme Court to declare the General Assembly decisions which have been taken without complying with the quorums for the meetings and decisions to be null and void.

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What Kind Of Changes Brought The Bag Law To The Work Permit For Foreigners?

With the Work Law no. 6552, the Law on the Readjustment of Credits with Amending Some Laws and Decree Laws entered into force by publishing in the Turkish Official Gazette. With his amendment publicly known as “bag law”, the Law on the Work Permit for Foreigners was also amended. Art. 6 of The Law on the Work Permit for Foreigners said:

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Tourism Consumer Article

The relation of arguments in the tourism economy (agencies, hotels, Ministry, guests, insurance companies) present usually a multinational picture. Therefore, its solution can be make regarding the rules of international law. As required by Supreme Court’s decisions, the relations between guest and agency is accepted as a consumer relation and the law

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Tourism Agencies

In accordance with the article 3 of travel agencies and the association of travel agencies law numbered 1618, travel agencies in Turkey are classified into 3 groups. Group (A) agencies offer and perform all services pertaining to travel agencies among which include organizing package tours; tours that last more or less than 24 hours; convention tours and organizations and

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The Process Pertaining to the Alanya

The Process Pertaining To The Alanya Luxton Tourism Park Project Is Back On Track
The unjust process which has been initiated with regard to Luxton Park Project which is one of the greatest and the most prestigious tourism and residence

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The New Law of Foreigners

The legislation of law of foreigners in Turkey consist of clauses about foreigners in specific laws and some general laws created based on rights vested to foreigners. In other words, there occurs no law gathering the rights of foreigners under a single regulation in Turkey. Here are some of the several different legal regulations:

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solicitor turkey

The Matter Of Settlement For Cases To Be Filed Against Foreigners In Turkey
In a divorce suit, conducted in Antalya Family Courts where both husband and wife are citizens of a foreign country, the Local Court approved the plea of the jurisdiction and made a decision of rejection of venue as a final provision not to send to the

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Real Estate and the Customer

Problems regarding the sale of real estates and the Consumer Courts. If you’ve purchased a real estate in Turkey and have problems thereof, please carefully read this article firstly. Whether a Turkish citizen or a foreign, the Consumer Courts are authorized for the cases about a defective real estate that a consumer purchased from a Merchant.

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Package Tour And Insurance Guarantee

You came on a holiday to Turkey with your package tour. Do you know the risks that you may face with during your holiday and that whether those risks are covered or not, and (if covered) how much of them be covered? If you have bought a package tour, you can easily find the answer to the question above by looking into your

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Legal and Criminal Dimension Of MLM in Turkey

1- Multi Level Marketing System in Turkey in General
Although Multi Level Marketing System is given as a course in many universities worldwide and is a very old marketing method, debates regarding whether it is legal or not are still go on in Turkey.

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Injunctions Specific to Family Law

Limitations on the Voting Rights at the General Assembly
Although Switzerland and German Commercial and Corporate Law have been based on while creating the new Turkish Commercial Code, companies have yet failed to reach the institutionalization level stipulated in the Code.

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Incorporation of a Company By The Natura Or Legal Foreigners

Natura foreigners or foreign companies that registered on a different trade registers of a country can establish a company in Turkey. Foreign companies which could be established in terms of the “Law on Direct Foreign Investments” no 4875 in 2003 are accepted as Turkish companies like the other ones.

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Foreign Borrowings of employees in Germany Their Pension Status and Premium Debts

Between our citizens abroad and Social Security Institution (SGK) in Turkey, there occurs different kinds of controversies. Main reason for them is that at first Turkey uses just their own Social Security law without considering international contracts. The institution acts within the framework of this law. But the Supreme Court settle the matter minding all legislation, especially

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Cyber Crimes and Responsibilities of Banks

Our client Switzerland based Max Lehner A.G. Holding is one of the victims of cyber crime realized by making payments to other accounts through hacking e-mail accounts that is started uing frequently as an international fraud type recently. These expert persons using cyber systems very well and select international companies with intense payment and banking traffic.

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Crisis and Adaptation Actions in Turkey

One of the most important items of the tourism receipts is the revenue earned from sale of goods and services to tourists. Jewellery, leather, carpet and souvenirs retail; bath-spa operations, water sports and car rental are also the lines of business earning the most revenue with respect to service sector.

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Advocacy System in Turkey

Advocacy system in Turkey is completely different from advocacy system in England. In Turkey there are no differences between lawyers; such as ‘solicitor, barrister, queens council’ as in England. In Turkey attorneys are authorized in all stages of the case, from the time of filing the case to attending to hearing; from appealing the decision of the court to attending the

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