You can give power of attorney for advocacy from all notary publics in Turkey or from the nearest consulate if you are outside of Turkey. If you are a natural person, below are the requirements when giving power of attorney:

Notary approved Turkish translation of your passport, information of the attorney, whom you will give power of attorney, Turkish-speaking translator if you do not speak Turkish (There are translators registered in Turkish Consulates. Make an appointment from these translators in advance.)

If you will give advocacy power of attorney on behalf of the company, below are the requirements regarding indicated situation:

Company’s Authorized Signatory List, if there is no such document, registry certificate is required. Company’s Authorized Signatory Lists are the documents, which are arranged by the Notary Publics, which show the identity of the company’s authorized person and the form of the signature sample. There are three original signatures of the company’s authorized person on a document. In the attachment of the document, there is a document taken from the registered title deeds office of the company, which proves that he/she is the company’s authorized person. Besides, there should be notary approved Turkish translation of the authorized person’s passport.

Some power of attorneys such as divorce and real estate sale, have some differences compared to general advocacy power of attorney. Please consult with your attorney before arranging these types of powers of attorney.

Pay attention to your address when giving a power of attorney. Because, that address will be treated as the legal address to be used in your official correspondences.

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