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Our law firm offers services in English, German and Russian languages to investment companies operating in tourism, construction, agriculture, trade and real estate sectors in Turkey, Antalya and the surrounding areas. Thus, legal problems that may be faced by foreign investors in Turkey are minimized.

In addition to this, our law firm offers oral and written consultancy services in English, Russian and German for real and legal entities’ apartment purchases, business acquisitions, residential permits, work permits, marriages, divorces and all other legal affairs and transactions.

Our law firm has been active with its staff consisting of attorneys who have graduated from the faculties of law in Istanbul and Ankara, with at least 5 years of experience in their business. For this reason, we have liaison offices in London and Moscow in order to be able to provide better service to our clients.


Our law firm keeps track of and collects all the receivables of domestic and foreign companies and real entities in Turkey, Europe and Russia. Creditor clients are informed about the execution proceedings, the action of debt, and the amount collected via e-mail periodically.


Our law firm frequently uses the ADR method, which is a quicker and more economical solution than execution proceedings and actions of debt, without damaging the commercial ties and disclosing business secrets of domestic or foreign companies.


When pressing charges is inevitable, our law firm goes into the lawsuit process after a detailed meeting on the costs of the proceeding, litigation costs, provisional attachment, whether or not to take precautionary measures, trial period, and the possible consequences of the case. After each trial and at certain intervals, reports related to the case file are submitted to the client.


Most lawsuits our law firm deals with are of international nature. Thus, the disputes concern the laws of multiple countries. Having succeeded many times thanks to its belief in teamwork, our law firm is quite experienced in working with fellow attorneys and legal experts from foreign countries.

For situations which require to be pursued in multiple cities and countries for resolution of disputes, our law firm also provides its clients with case management services on ensuring the coordination, tracking whether or not each law firm has been properly performing transactions, and case expenses and budget control.


After the dispute is examined by the experienced attorneys of our firm, and according to the status of the file and the parties, the work may be conducted based on a "no win no fee" principle. In this case, the costs of the proceedings are covered by our law firm, however, the costs are recovered once the case is won or the execution proceeding is finalized.

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