Advocacy system in Turkey is completely different from advocacy system in England. In Turkey there are no differences between lawyers; such as ‘solicitor, barrister, queens council’ as in England. In Turkey attorneys are authorized in all stages of the case, from the time of filing the case to attending to hearing; from appealing the decision of the court to attending the

hearing of higher courts. In Turkey attorney can act alone, can follow the court procedure from the beginning to the end of the case after receiving the Power of Attorney.

In Turkey there are no Law Firms with separate legal entity like in America. In Turkey there are lawyers’ partnerships formed by number of lawyers come together.

Beside, at the law faculties in Turkey, the real estate law, commercial law, corporate law, private international law, foreigners law, civil law, tourism law, inheritance law, criminal law, foreign trade law and all other branches of law are studied all along the education life. Students graduate from the university with a general knowledge of law and only after that while continuing to their practice they gradually become specialists in different field of law. Our law office consists of attorneys, barristers, solicitors’ advocates, lawyers specializing in international private law, foreigners and human rights law, tourism law, civil law, family and inheritance law, bankruptcy law, real estate and construction law matters. Lawyers working in our law firm, attend to the cases and hearings in many places of Turkey predominantly chosen by the foreigners mostly in Istanbul and Antalya and in Muğla, Marmaris, Bodrum, Alanya, Fethiye and Kemer in particular. Our law office also has bureaus in Istanbul and Antalya.

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