Tourism Consumer Article

The relation of arguments in the tourism economy (agencies, hotels, Ministry, guests, insurance companies) present usually a multinational picture. Therefore, its solution can be make regarding the rules of international law. As required by Supreme Court’s decisions, the relations between guest and agency is accepted as a consumer relation and the law

on the Protection of Consumer no 6502 is applied.

Thus, the cases regarding to this are heard by Consumer Courts. Due to the damages of guest accommodating at a hotel through an agency, the direction of liability to damage may change. According to the scope of the contract between the guest and the agency, the damage will be made good pursuant to the provisions of TBK by virtue of a contradiction to the contract. Here, the agency may have a withdrawing to the hotel as per the damage.

Package tours was put in order with the Art. 51 of the Law no 6502 entered into force on 28.11.2013. In the Parag. 4 of the related Art., it was required to give an informative brochure to customers. And it became a part of the contract which was signed with the customer. So, a different sale from the brochure requires the liability of the package tour organizer and the agents. It was stated on the Parag. 2 of the Art. that even a separate billing of the service provided, the liability of the organizer will go on.

Convention tourisms was addressed on the Parag. 9 of the Art. That’s why the ones who make use of package tours within the framework of their business and occupational activities are accepted as customers. In addition to that, consumer’s rights like a price discount, refund and requesting of a compensation were also in law.

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