Tourism Agencies

In accordance with the article 3 of travel agencies and the association of travel agencies law numbered 1618, travel agencies in Turkey are classified into 3 groups. Group (A) agencies offer and perform all services pertaining to travel agencies among which include organizing package tours; tours that last more or less than 24 hours; convention tours and organizations and

promoting, marketing, trading, granting the status of an authorized travel agency to enable the sales of goods.

Group (B) agencies offer services of booking and ticket sales for land, sea and air transportation as well as booking and sales of the tour tickets that are arranged by (A) group travel agencies. Group © agencies are authorized to organize domestic tours for Turkish citizens.

To market their products, to make reservation and sale transactions, vehicles are operated under 2918 numbered Road Traffic Act dated on 13/10/1938, vehicles for commercial purpose and requirements, belong to directly to the person and instutions, where law which is regulated yacht under licence of transportation of ministry permits, in this fashion hospitality, entertainment, transportation activities are not cosidered as travel agency affairs.

Agencies Group B and C can not produce products themselves. However, they introduce, market and sell the products and services of the agencies Group A. And it is only possible when a contract has been made or a certificate of authority is given to do so. Real and legal persons, who act without having the requirements stated both in Law and in the Regulation for Travel Agencies, are penalized. Also, the same act is regarded as crime when performed on the internet. However, in the case that this brokerage is carried out by a company established abroad, it is important that whether that company is established duly and is been vested with the authority of an agency in Turkey. In faith, the Supreme Court decided that it is to be researched that whether a company abroad has an operation license duly received as a travel agency enabling it acting in Turkey and a related penalty is decided about the brokers acted unduly.

The importance of the operation license is also seen on the law on supporting the tourism no 2634. In order to benefit from the law, besides being a business acting in the tourism industry together or separately with a Turkish / foreign person or real / legal person, an operation license has to be available.

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