What is the cost of filing a lawsuit in Turkey?

Judgment expenditures in Turkey are lower comparing to many countries in Europe.

Any fees or expenditures are not received during any complaints to the prosecutor's office and during criminal procedure.

In case of lawsuits whose values can be measured by money, 54 per mille of the case value is received as the case fee. The entire of this fee is not received in once. One forth of the fee is received at the beginning of the lawsuit………….

In case the value of the claim can be measured by money but it cannot be accurately determined (for example such as real estate title registration claims), the case fee is calculated based on a lower case fee, and after the case value (for example, the value of the apartment) is detected during the judgment, a time extension is granted to the plaintiff for depositing the under-deposited security.

In cases of lawsuits and transactions whose values cannot be measured by money (such as assignment of a guardian), the fee which is specified each year by means of a tariff is received. These fees are around ………… Euro. You can see this tariff in the lists and tariffs part of our website.

Sometimes you can be exempted from depositing a fee even if the claim can be measured by money. For example, you do not pay any fee for a lawsuit that you file in order to have the refund of an immovable or movable property that you have purchased as a consumer.

As you can see, judgment fees and expenditures are low and flexible so that they do not prevent you from seeking for your remedies.

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