In November of 2007, we decided as a family to purchase real estate in Turkey.

Detailed explanation: In November of 2007, we decided as a family to purchase real estate in Turkey. We loved this small, quiet and beautiful city. In a Real Estate office in Manavgat, we found what we were looking for, quite quickly. A duplex apartment at the center of Manavgat. It was not a new building and its owner Tezcan seemed reliable as a medical doctor.

A purchase contract was prepared at the Agency. Pursuant to this contract, the money was wired from Russia, for the purchase of the real estate that we wanted. After the seller received the amount, necessary documents for the deed were submitted to the Land Registry Office of Manavgat.

This is where problems started to surface.

In one of our visits to the Land Registry, we discovered that there were many levies on the real estate established by the banks and private persons. However, i'd like to stress that during the delivery of the documents for the registry, there were no levy on the apartment. As we understood after a little while, this kind of act was a widely applied way of fraud for real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey. Doctor Tezcan was continuously asking for time in our meetings, in order to solve the problems regarding the apartment. Later, he completely went missing. His mother and his lawyer used to show up for our meetings. In these times, many people proposed "free service" to us.

In Turkey, it is really hard to find competent and quality experts. Language is another problem. Also, there is a myth in Turkey which makes people believe that all foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey are millionaires and this is a potential exploit to be used for a benefit. For three years, we were given promises and hopes for the rapid resolution of our problem, however, things went worse. At this point, we started to think that we were being deceived by everybody and we won't be able to see the neither the money we paid nor the apartment we purchased ever again.

Coincidentally in a forum, we have been recommended to apply to Ozal Law firm in Antalya. In 2010, we held our first counseling and evaluating meeting with the documents in hand, in which we explained our problem. The documents that we had, the print outs of the documents of the Land office, and the purchase contract that was done through the Real estate agent in Manavgat, as described to us by the lawyer Harun, had no real legal power at all, and wasn't even being accepted as a legal paper. After our meeting with the owner of Ozal Law Firm, Mr. Harun, we finally understood that we were at expert and highly qualified hands. He explained to us step by step, clearly, how to solve our problem. Eventually, we signed a contract for the legal resolution of our problem.

It was quite a difficult job, but because of the professional and correct way that the case was handled, we won it, and all levies were removed from the apartment, and finally, we received the title deed from the Land Registry in April 2012. Apart from that, regarding the divorce of our daughter, we have worked with Ozal Law Firm once again. The husband of our daughter was avoiding and interfering the divorce process. But again thanks to the high quality of the owner of this law firm, the case was successfully closed. All given tasks have been successfully fulfilled.

We thank to the personnel of Ozal Law Firm and personally to Mr. Harun, for the things that were made for our family. Our family rightfully thinks Mr. Harun Omanavgarezal as our family attorney.

With respect,

Vısotskiy Family

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