Сivil Law, Family and Inheritance Law

  • Debatable Divorce Suit, Uncontested Divorce Suit, Separation Suit, Rejection of Bloodline Suit, Paternity Suit, Liquidation of Legal Property Suit, Share Receivable Suit, Transition to Extraordinary Property Suit,
  • Subsistence and Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Damages requests and custody matters along with Divorce Suit,
  • Change of Custody Suit, Return and Delivery of Children, Subsistence Requests,
  • Impose an injunction for the Properties of Family Unity, Limitation for the Rights of the Defendant Arising from the Company Shares Considered as Family Properties, Limitation for the Power of Appointment of the Spouse, Suspension from the Communal Residence related to the Protection of Family Law, Making Judgment for staying away from the family members,
  • Inheritance suits

People with different nationalities in the World, which is gradually becoming globalized, get married with the people with foreign nationalities or give birth to their children in different countries more, or they have more than one country nationality compared to past, therefore Family Law has become more complicated for determining both applying law and authorized Courts. Especially, in many countries, the existence of special measure types particular for Family Law and having many international contracts related to the protection of Family and Children, require us to be engaged in a continuous research about incompatibilities related to the Family Law with foreign element. By the indicated acknowledgement and the support of our partners, we provide service to our clients.

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